Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

81.6kg this week. Those 70's are in sight!!

It was a busy busy week for me, especially at my office job. Hard to schedule stuff in! I had a few trims cancel or reschedule so instead of the 25 I was expecting to do I ended up with only 13. It was also stinking hot, which doesn't help.

Last week's goals:

- 2 walk/jogs - success!!
- 2 lunch time gym sessions - nope. Didn't make it over to the gym. In my defense, my fees are due and I just didn't have the money last week.
- 4 rides - fail again. I rode once, only bareback down to the dam to let her splash around. It was stinking hot last week. I couldn't do it to her.

Diet wise I did ok - much like last week. Friday was a massive blow out day and I didn't even log on Sunday as it was my sister's baby shower and I just grazed all day without logging anything. I hopped on the scale on Fri morning and I was at 81.3 but Friday put me back up to 82.3. 1kg in one day. JEEZ.

So this week, it's raining of course. I'm still hoping to get out to do 2 jogs, ride twice. I have 16 horses to trim this week. I think I will add some sit ups each day. Goal of 20 each day, various types. I love ab work. :)

Did you set any fitness goals for yourself this week? Did you reach them?

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