Saturday, January 4, 2014

Statistics 5.01.2014

Alright guys - here's the dirty truth.

I've let myself get fat. I've let myself get lazy. I've let myself get unfit and honestly, I don't think right now I could sit trot for 3 minutes straight, let alone ride a dressage test or jump or gallop.

I'm going to get it all out there. There are cossie pics. Be warned. :P

Height: 168cm
Weight: 85.2kg
5km run time: 46.48 minutes

Bust, waist and hip measurements TBA as I need to buy a tape measure.

Now, I'm smiling because I am proud of my body - it's healthy, I can trim horses with it. I'm looking forward to the possibilities and I would't have that if my body wasn't perfect, like it is. I love progress shots though, so here are the start ones.

Wow - my hair looks so pretty. :P

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