Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fit Enough to Ride?

Ok guys. This year, I'm going to go eventing dammit. If you follow my other blog ( you will remember that I was just about to send my 7 year old mare off to the trainers to learn how to jump (finally) when she came up lame. This was back in September, and we now know that she suffered a suspensory/cannon bone fracture injury, which she is still rehabbing from.

She should heal just fine (knocking on the woodiest wood available right now!) so this year, my goal is to finally get out eventing, which has been my dream since I was a little girl.

Now, THIS blog is going to be about myself, getting fit enough to ride and event.

I need help, guys. I'm super super busy, with a full time office job, a part time hoof trimming job (my own business) and a husband who feels quite neglected when I don't ride, let alone when I do ride. My horse is not kept at home.

I need to be kept on the straight and narrow. I need to find the time to ride my horse and exercise myself. I KNOW I'm not the busiest equestrian out there. What are your tips on managing this whole shebang? What do I need to know?

Next post will be about my current stats.


  1. I am in the same boat myself. I want to get back into eventing but right now my biggest holdup will be my ailing body and all this extra weight. Looking forward to your inspiration.

  2. There is a great blog I read, it's written by a vet student that also does endurance and also runs competitively:

    I've always thought that I can't run. But reading Mel's blog (and Funder's blog too) has got me thinking... maybe I could??? Maybe? That's how motivating it is! ;)