Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

82.6kg today. Lost all the pre-Christmas weight. :D

This week has been a little hard to schedule in exercise though, so most of this weight loss has been diet related.

Here's some screenshots from my diet tracker, My Fitness Pal.

So I'm pretty much right except too much cholesterol (probably from all the eggs I've been having for breakfast). And of course sugar! Always too much sugar in my diet :p

I'm surprised that I haven't gone over with my salt! Might add some more bananas re: potassium. Vitamin A and C are low too. Where do you get vitamin A from?

As for exercise, here's what minimal stuff I did this week:

Sunday: swimming, a half hour of snorkeling. Only 170 calories burned.

Monday: 45 minute, 240 calorie burning brisk walk with Andrew.

Tuesday: rode Allie, 45 minutes, at the walk. Yay rehab. Also, trimmed 6 feet.

Wednesday: Gym, 100 calories on the cross trainer and 100 calories on the treadmill. On my lunch break at work so only had 20 minutes!

Thursday: trimmed four horses after work.

Friday: cheat day. Went WAY over my calories. Trimmed 2 horses. Felt weak and shaky all day - surprise surprise I was due, so that explained that.

Saturday: no exercise, had to cancel my trims as I had to take the horses to the vet early to get vaccinated for Hendra. Was their last day for a booster (thanks for that communication, Zoetis!) otherwise they would have had to start all over again. Was exhausted after 3 hours sleep so bludged on the lounge all day until I had to go out.

Anyway, that's my quick weekly wrap up! Next week, I'm hoping to get out on at least 2 walk/jogs. 2 lunch time gym sessions, ride 4 times, plus I have 25 trims booked over the week.

Wow. It's going to be a tough one!


  1. Vitamin A: veges like carrots, sweet potato, kale, spinach. Also liver.