Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hungry Hippo!!

Im so hungry today! It's not even lunch time yet, I've had breakfast and all my snacks.

What's your go to healthy snack?


  1. So excited you've started a new blog! I can absolutely identify. I may be able to run a marathon, but god I need to work on riding-specific muscles. I spent fall and winter putzing around and having fun, and now I need to feel riding-fit again. :P My goal is to be in shape in time for the blessing of the hounds when foxhunting season starts- something I desperately want to try but don't feel fit enough for right now.

    [In other news, since 8 Days a Week ended my blogging has been nil at best, but I've finally started writing about something I can stick with an actually have content for: horse related literature and movies. http://horsepeopledearreaders.blogspot.com/ ]

    I have faith in you, and I'm looking forward to this ;) Nice to have someone to follow along with to give me motivations!

    1. Of course I forgot to answer your initial question- unfortunately, I don't have a go-to snack. One of the medications I'm on has almost completely eliminated my appetite. Great for weight control, but sometimes its not as great as it sounds. I very very rarely actually "crave" something and sometimes its just plain hard to eat because I'm not hungry. I know, I know, #firstworld problems haha.

      However, before I was on this, the go-to snack was celery and salsa. I have an unhealthy love for hot salsa (or anything hot, really. I am that girl that has a miniature bottle of hot sauce in her purse) and since celery has 0 calories, it was the perfect vehicle for salsa.

    2. I LOVE salsa! Definitely adding that to the drawer!

    3. Also, checking out your new blog now! I've missed your writing.

  2. I like 100 calorie packs of guacamole with carrots, also string cheese, or rice crackers and some goat cheese.

  3. I like to eat fruit for a snack :-)

  4. New to your blog, looking forward to getting caught up!:)


  5. Fruit is good, but I am terrible at eating fruit... :/ Nectarines, apples and bananas are convenient (even diced peach snack packs are pretty good).

    I quite often eat high-calorie snacks, especially if I'm being quite active. My favourites are ones that will give my hunger a good hit (stop the grumbly tummy for a while), so either a really solid muesli (Carmen's) or nut bar or a really filling yoghurt (ie. full-fat... love Gippsland dairy). If I'm going to eat 200 calories, it may as well make me feel like I ate something! So those suggestions are probably not very helpful, but are nice for a bit of a healthy treat?

    But the other thing I would suggest for sure is Fava Nuts. They're in the health food section. They are salted. But they are in convenient snack pack portions. I like the taste of them. They're easy to eat while driving (once pack is open). And high protein, so quite filling. If I am hungry enough to eat the whole snack pack, I usually feel quite satisfied. If I don't finish, they keep quite well until I'm peckish again. They're made from faba beans / broad beans (tic beans, like fed to horses!), you can also get ones made from chickpeas but I like the Fava Nuts.

    Hope you like them!