Monday, January 6, 2014


I don't like the word goal. A goal is an option - what I want rather are inevitabilities.
So - let's go about looking into how to set up my inevitable outcomes!

Let's face it - we all say we want to loose weight. Ideally, I want my weight right smack bang in the middle of my healthy weight range - 65 kg (143lb). That's 20kg (44lb) to loose. You know what though? I haven't weighed 65kg since I was about 21 years old. I'm 30 this year and I honestly do not think 65 is going to happen for me ever again.

I think a realistic goal, an achievable goal, is 69kg. It means I would we inside my healthy weight range at a sustainable level.

I would love to loose 500g to 1kg a week. More than that and I have to restrict my eating way too much, which I don't deal well with mentally, and I need more calories for the days I am out and about trimming horses especially.

I have lost a stack of weight (12 kilos or so) before. I know what to do, what foods to steer clear from, what portion sizes work for me, what healthy foods work better for me. I use My Fitness Pal to log my diet. I find it is a great guide to how my day is going. It motivates me to do that last ditch effort to get on the bike or go for a run to get my calories under for the day.

Sugar and lunches at work are my killers. I just need to make the time to plan.

I have never been a runner. Up until a few years ago I couldn't even regulate my breathing while running. I've figured out my comfortable breathing now (in via nose for four, out via mouth for four. I have big lungs). I'm still not a fan of running, though. So I need help with this one. If you're a runner, give me your tips! :)

I do, however, enjoy weights and circuit type stuff. The gym is fun to me. I don't even mind all the meat heads - they're not looking at me anyway. Too busy trying to get a good spot for themselves I front of the mirror!

So my question on this one is - how fit do I have to be to event? What is a sustainable level of fitness? Your feedback on this one would be awesome.

Next up - my next 'inevitabilities' - mostly in relation to time management. It needs a post if it's own!!!

Allie is not quite sure about all of this....


  1. I have never, ever been in the middle of my 'heatlhy' BMI. I think aiming for the high side of the chart is ideal for me, but really right now I'm just trying to shave off lbs in small, doable chunks.

    1. Maybe I will aim for the high side too? I'm a fairly muscular build.

  2. I weight train twice a week and without changing my diet I was able to weight the same, but lose 2-3 inches and totally lean out, its pretty great.

    1. I love the look of long, lean muscles that weight training gives me. It looks so healthy and I feel super strong. What is your normal routine?

  3. Running: try trails if you've only ever run roads, or vice versa? I can't do pavement; the concussion is too much for my fragile little legs, but having to watch my footing and change my stride constantly on the trail suits me just fine!

    I have honestly given up on losing weight, but I have gotten a LOT fitter and dropped a few sizes this year. I'll take heavy and fit over heavy and fat. :)

  4. Do you have dogs? I take my midgets out running with me and they LOVE it. It's hard to say no to big brown beagle eyes in the morning. Remember to feed/condition them like athletes if you take this route, but it makes running fun for me.

    I really dislike running with other people, but the dogs are just my speed.

    1. I don't have a dog at the moment. We are building a house and I'm living in a tiny granny flat. But once that house is built we are getting a puppy dog! Definitely. Running with my dog sounds awesome.