Monday, February 3, 2014

Chugging Along

So I've been a little quiet here - sorry for that!

Weight loss has hit a little plateau - I'm keeping constant around the 80.5kg mark. Fitness wise, I haven't done much - I had a massive week trimming last week. I managed to ride once, but Allie is at the point of frustration with walking and wants nothing more than to trot (she is still on rehab). We did go swimming laps once but I'm a terrible swimmer!

Because I didn't do much fitness stuff last week, my run this morning was not very enjoyable. You could tell I went backwards with my running. Bum!

Over this week, I'm hoping to get out to run every day, ride once or twice, swim once if it's hot enough. I'm wanting to do something quite physical on Sunday - thinking a hike down to Wentworth Falls (HEAPS of stairs!) or possibly some cave walks at Jenolan Caves?

Diet is going well actually. I'm not concentrating on food as much as I used to. I can not snack too much and have smaller meals and be ok with it most of the time.

I'm going to take some updated bikini shots and post them over the next few days. I'm excited to see the difference already!

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