Thursday, March 6, 2014


My life right now: turmoil, but in good ways, promise.

I'm now studying a Bachelor of Equine Science - it's a 6 year distance education degree through Charles Sturt university at  Wagga Wagga. This term it's Introduction to Equine Science and Chemistry. The chemistry is proving more difficult than expected. This week (the first week of term) I've probably spent about 15 hours on the course work.

I've also moved Allie to a property 6 minutes away from my house. It's amazing - I've taken over all her care and I love it. So far this week I've ridden 3 times. I'll probably have time for one or two more rides. Like I said, amazing.

I've started to wind back on the trimming. I'm not taking on new clients unless they are close to home or I can use them for case studies for my diploma. I just need a little extra time and to be honest the trimming business, while I love love love it, is the only thing totally in my control. I'm still trimming 5-10 horses a week, which is about half what I was doing.

Last but not least my new job starts in 2 weeks. I've been doing training for it and it looks really good. I'm ready for a change. New job is only 8 minutes from home so there is another chance to get some time back.

As for the fitness/health/weight loss thing - it's slowed down quite a bit. My eating is going well and I'm still loosing weight, but no more than 500g a week. I ate like crap for the last 2 days (to try to cope with an intensive programming course for my new job) but back on it tomorrow. I haven't been running in 3 weeks, but I haven't lost much fitness - I had to run today so I wouldn't be late and surprised myself with how easy it was.

My goal is once I start my new job and everything settles down again I will be able to get into a routine. Ride/run in the morning before work, opposite in the afternoon (or trimming) and then study at night, at least an hour or two. Saturday is my big trimming/ride day. Sundays are for adventures - hikes, bike rides, rock climbing, etc etc with friends and hubby.

Life is just amazing. I'm so lucky to have these opportunities and I intend on making the most of them.

How have you been going with your fitness? How do you get back on track when life gets in the way?

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